About us

EM Industry LTD is the official Chemical Line of Italiana S.N.C. distributor of manufactured cleaning products in the Baltics. Chemical Line Italiana actively invests in research and development, developing new formulas for its products, with a special focus on innovative raw materials produced in Italy and environmentally friendly and at the same time efficient. The laboratory performs strict controls every day - both for raw materials and ready-made products, to ensure the highest quality for our customers.

Our vision is to be stable and one of the leading wholesalers of cleaning products and household goods in the Baltic market.

Our mission is to be innovative and enable our customers to take care of the environment around them by using more environmentally friendly cleaning products while making cleaning easy and fast.

Our values -

Perseverance: We succeed confidently and overcome obstacles by acting rationally and exceeding our goals.

Joy: We love what we do and we create an exciting and stimulating environment.

Excellence: We set high standards and take responsibility for our products and processes.

Speed: We are a company without unnecessary bureaucracy, which facilitates quick decision-making and work execution.

Responsibility: We act responsibly towards our customers, employees and business partners.

Quality: Our main goal is to provide quality service, to supply quality products.

Innovation: We offer new solutions to help you work more efficiently.