Rental - window washing robot!

We offer to rent a HOBOT 388 window washing robot for cleaning windows, mirrors, and other glazed surfaces.

Hobot 388 is a window cleaning robot with patented ultrasonic water spray technology, where the spray nozzle turns water into fine water droplets and applies evenly on the glass surface in the form of a mist. Thanks to the robotic air intake motor and two specially designed cleaning discs with microfiber cleaning cloths, the Hobot 388 can move freely on the window surface, both outdoors and indoors, to thoroughly remove dust and dirt. A screw-in power plug will prevent the robot from losing power due to the cord being disconnected, but a built-in UPS will prevent the robot from falling out of the window for an additional 20 minutes after disconnecting the power supply.

Price 25 Eur / day, for each next day 20 Eur.

The set includes several pairs with microfiber cloths.

Daily rent is for 24 hours.

You can receive:

  • Uzvaras prospektā 5, Baložos
  • Strazdumuižas ielā 74, Rīgā
  • Paid delivery in Riga and Riga district 6 Eur without VAT, for each trip

We do not work on weekends! If you want to rent on holidays, then the rent from Friday evening to Monday morning with a suitable discount - 40 Eur!

To apply, write to us at [email protected] and specify the desired time period or fill in the form below!

After receiving the application, we will contact you, send you a prepaid invoice and make a reservation for the time you want.


Application form